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The most low key Balearic island - Menorca, sometimes spelled Minorca, is the second largest Balearic island after Mallorca. What Formentera is to Ibiza is what Menorca is to Mallorca: the smaller, more low key version of its larger brother next door. So while Mallorca may be the loud place that mostly attracts northern European package tourists, Menorca is an altogether quieter affair. And we ... Read more

  77℉ to 82℉ (14 day forecast)
  (Very) little rain expected (14D)
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Uppsala travel information


Historical student city - Uppsala is the fourth largest city of Sweden, located at a short 1 hour drive to the north of Stockholm. Uppsala has a history going back to the 12th century, and that history in combination with the 25,000 university students that roam about here, make for a very interesting combination and a city well worth visiting. Yes, do check out the spectacular Cathedral, ... Read more

  63℉ to 81℉ (14 day forecast)
  (Very) little rain expected (14D)
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Tunis travel ideas


Bustling Tunis - OK - so we have to start with the obligatory "check with your government" on the safety of visiting Tunisia. In general though, as of writing (late 2014), the coastal areas and especially Tunis - far away from the at times troubled border with restive Algeria - are absolutely safe (but really though, do check). Then let's get on to business shall we? Tunis is Tunisia's ... Read more

  84℉ to 104℉ (14 day forecast)
  (Very) little rain expected (14D)
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